WIT provides consultancy using the only research-validated assessment of Cultural Intelligence (CQ). With cultural intelligence development as the foundation, we employ a continuous development model to provide clients with a customized process for addressing diversity, inclusion and organizational development goals.

Action_Drive_Strategy_KnowledgeThe WIT process is based on over 30 years of experience in addressing diversity and inclusion and providing support to leadership, teams and organizations. We take the time to collaborate with every client, assessing current status and developing a customized plan. WIT will work with clients to implement and monitor their plans supporting the opportunity for goal accomplishment.

Assessment of the four factors of CQ: Drive, Knowledge, Strategy, and Action facilitate identification of values, unconscious bias, self-efficacy, motivation, and communication abilities that can then be used to support development. The CQ assessment provides individual reports and group reports with reflection and action plan components. The assessment can be given as pretest/posttest (baseline/growth measure) and/or 360-degree assessment to set goals, measure individual growth and perceptions, measure group growth as well as analyze staff perceptions of leadership.

Cultural Intelligence is the “How”:

  • A process to quantitatively measure change in a non-judgmental manner
  • How to understand and address cultural “unconscious bias”
  • How to maximize globalization and culture through understanding natural tendencies
  • How to enhance skills and abilities necessary to implement targeted diversity strategies and initiatives

The development of Cultural Intelligence provides:

Leadership with an understanding of and sensitivity to employee values that supports the ability to:

  • Create an atmosphere of equity
  • Build trust
  • Develop and sustain collaborations
  • Increase productivity by improving relationships and decreasing conflict
  • Address employee satisfaction with the work environment and team relationships

Leadership and employees with the ability to improve customer relationships that:

  • Build trust
  • Increase ROI addressing customer satisfaction through better understanding of customer values

Strategy and action support by:

  • Increasing cross cultural knowledge in a non-threatening, non-judgment environment
  • Improving communication skills – verbal and non-verbal
  • Enhancing self-efficacy in cross-cultural situations
  • Developing culturally appropriate engagement strategies